Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Textiles (KS4)

Why study Art Textiles and what will I learn?

  • If you are a creative student this course will give you the opportunity to extend and enhance your design and making skills and give you an insight into the world of fashion and textiles.
  • This course will build on your KS3 skills, giving you opportunities to learn new processes, experiment with a full range of art and textile media and allow you to express yourself on an individual and personal level.
  • You will complete several projects through the course which are designed to give you the maximum opportunity to experiment in a range of different techniques such as felting, free-hand machinery, embroidery, batik, silk painting, knitting, applique, fabric painting etc.
  • You will be introduced to a range of artists, designers and crafts people, past and present.

How is work assessed?

The course consists of: The Portfolio, 60% and Unit 2: Externally Set Task, 40%.  All work produced will be used to ‘build’ your portfolio of coursework.  In Year 11, all students complete a mock exam project that also forms part of this unit.

The final exam begins with a starting point of your own choice.  You will be guided through the examination project using the skills you gained in year 10.  The final exam is 100% practical-there is no written exam!

All work is marked using 4 assessment objectives.  You will receive continuous written and verbal feedback and an end of project assessment with guidance for future improvement.

KS4 Art Textiles