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Ben Green is employed by Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education to support our students on a day-to-day basis. His role involves being available to students for pastoral support, running lunchtime youth groups to explore the Christian faith, and co-coordinating the worship that takes place in school.

 Lunchtime Clubs

Ben will be running various clubs and groups throughout the year these include Christian Unions, Big Questions groups, drop-in youth clubs and general pastoral drop-in times. More information can be found in school.



Tutor Group Worship

This takes place in tutor groups led by tutors and students on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon registration. The materials used in these times are planned by the Youth Worker Chaplain and seek to give students, and staff, an opportunity to stop, have a moment of silence, pray, and to worship God. These times are planned not to ram Christianity down students' throats but to give them the chance to hear about and explore the Christian faith for themselves, at their own pace.


Year Group Worship

These are times that traditionally we called Assemblies. They still contain notices and give the Heads of Year the opportunity to speak to year groups. But the key feature of these times is worship. They begin with a candle being lit, and then a Clergy Chaplain, a member of staff, a tutor group, a visitor or the Youth Worker Chaplain delivers a time of thought, reflection, and prayer to engage students in exploring the theme for that week.


Worship Services

These take place several times during the year. They are times to celebrate Key School events and Christian Festivals. These are Christian in nature and content, and aim to meet each student where they are on their walk of faith. Celebrating together is a foundation feature of our school and brings us together as a community to worship God.


Festivals and School Event Worships in 2016/2017

  • Year 7 Welcome Service: Monday 5 September 2016 at 9am in St Michael & All Angels Church, Croston. Parents and relatives of the new Year 7 students are welcome to attend this service.
  • Founders Day Services: Wednesday 21 September 2016 throughout the morning both at St Michael & All Angels Church, Croston and in school. This year we are being joined by Bishop Julian who will be speaking to us.
  • Harvest Festival Foodbank Appeal: Wednesday 19 October 2016 collecting food for Storehouse Foodbank in Chorley outside the hall.
  • Christmas Services: Tuesday 20 December 2016 throughout the day at St Michael & All Angels Church, Croston.
  • Christmas Appeal in support of Preston’s Emmaus Community: Friday 23 December 2016 collecting food, clothes and toiletries for the members of the Emmaus Community.
  • Ash Wednesday Services: Wednesday 1 March 2017 throughout the day at Bishop Rawstorne.
  • Easter Focused Services: The Week beginning Monday 3 April 2017 at St Michael & All Angels Church, Croston.
  • Year 11 Leavers Service: The last Friday before Year 11 start their exams, 2pm at St Michael & All Angels Church, Croston. Parents and relatives of the leaving Year 11 students are welcome to attend this service.
  • End of Year Celebration: Friday 21 July 2017 at Bishop Rawstorne.

*Throughout the year other Christian Festivals are observed through Year Group and Tutor Group Worship times.



The Clergy Chaplains:

Reverend Janet Taylor
Janet is a self-supporting member of Clergy serving the communities in Croston, Mawdesley and Bretherton. Janet is Clergy Chaplain to Years 7.


Reverend Michael Woods
Michael is the Rector serving the communities in Croston, Mawdesley and Bretherton. Michael is Clergy Chaplain to Years 9.


Father Marc Wolverson       
Marc is the Vicar at St. James in Leyland. Marc is the Clergy Chaplain for Year 10.


Father Andrew Brown
Andrew is the Priest-in-charge at St. Mary the Virgin in Eccleston, and Christ Church in Charnock Richard. Andrew is the Clergy Chaplain for Year 11.


The Chaplaincy Team

This is a group of people including the Youth Worker Chaplain, the Clergy Chaplains, Diocesan Board of Education Advisers, members of SLT and the governing body. They work to plan and deliver worship in the school. They also work to better to support students in their exploration of the Christian Faith.