Art Curriculum Area

Curriculum Lead:                Mrs J Armitage
Staff:                Miss C Abbott
                 Ms S Deady-Alston

Curriculum Intent

At Bishop Rawstorne, our aim is to provide a broad, stimulating and inclusive curriculum that fosters a love of  Art and develops all students’ creativity and cultural understanding regardless of artistic ability. We want our students to think and act like artists, designers and craft- makers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment with, embrace risk taking and develop their creativity whilst encouraging their own personal expression. Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of different media, techniques and contextual sources are progressively built on.  Embracing visual literacy, students will explore a range of artists both past and present, as well as crafts-persons and cultures, developing their analytical and critical thinking skills.  Their sketch books will be a journey of discoveries and a platform to record skills, information, develop their ideas and evaluate their work to the best of their ability.

Programmes of Study: Art