Computer Science & Programming Curriculum Area

Curriculum Lead:                Mr M Steele
Staff: Mr E Canning
  Miss L McNamara

Curriculum Intent:


We aim to develop our students’ knowledge, skills and understanding through critical computational concepts and experiences. The KS3 curriculum ensures that learners have sufficient knowledge to stay safe online and use computers responsibly throughout their lives. We focus on developing resilient learners who welcome challenge, view mistakes as learning opportunities and effectively solve problems. The topics at KS3 give a basis of knowledge, skills, and understanding to allow students to progress onto either creative iMedia or computer science at KS4 and provide exposure to those subjects in order to make an informed decision on GCSE choices. Further to this, the topics ensure that all learners leave Bishop Rawstorne with the relevant digital literacy skills to confidently navigate computer systems of the future.


The KS4 curriculum rationale is for students to develop the mindset of a computer scientist, built upon the foundations introduced at KS3. Learners have the opportunity to build their capability, creativity and knowledge in computer science, digital media and information technology.


Programmes of Study: Computer Science & Programming