Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Key Stage 3 History

Over the course of Key Stage 3, our subject aims to develop our student’s knowledge of a broad range of historical periods and events that have shaped the world in which we live in today. In History, we also aim to enhance this knowledge by giving our students the opportunity to visit the Slavery Museum in Liverpool in Year 8 and the Imperial War Museum in Manchester in Year 9. Students in Key Stage 3 study a number of enquiries each year, as set out below:

KS3 Geography

Year 7:

  • Romans
    Who were the Romans?
    Life in Roman Britain
  • Medieval England
    The Norman Conquest
    Religious problems
    King John and the Magna Carta
    Impact of the Black Death
    War of the Roses
  • Tudors and Stuarts
    The reign of Henry VIII
    Edward VI and Mary I
    Life in the Elizabethan period
    The reign of James I (Gunpowder plot, ‘witch craze’)
    English Civil War
    Oliver Cromwell

Year 8:

  • Amazing Grace
    Why was the Slave Trade abolished?
  • Terrible Towns?
    Was life in towns really terrible during the Industrial Revolution?
  • Dying for the vote
    Did the Suffragettes help or hinder the votes for women campaign?
  • We Will Remember Them
    Why should we remember the First World War?
  • The Holocaust
    How can we challenge generalisations about the Holocaust?
  • Dunkirk to D-Day
    What were the key turning points of the Second World War?
  • War on Terror
    How does Terrorism impact the modern world?