Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Faculty of Mathematics

Maths Faculty Staff

Head of Faculty: Mr. R. Hosker
Second in Faculty & Numeracy Coordinator: Miss J Morris
Staff: Mr. J. Wood
  Mr. P. Almond
  Mr. K. Anglim
  Mr. S. Bushell
  Mrs. H. Brady
  Mrs. R. Eriksson
Mathematics is at the very heart of curriculum delivery at Bishop Rawstorne, where an outstanding faculty has made an outstanding contribution to the overall attainment of the school and its students at GCSE. This proven track record of excellence was a key factor in the second specialism designation of Science with Maths in 2007, providing a platform for driving innovative and cutting edge teaching and learning locally, regionally and nationally. In the most recent Academy Subject Inspection by the Senior Leadership Team, in September 2011, the Mathematics Faculty was judged to be outstanding.

Mathematics is a discipline that is fundamental to the study of many other subjects. The techniques learnt here are used directly by scientists, geographers, ecologists, psychologists and many others. The habit of logical thinking is directly transferable from mathematics to many other disciplines. In the workplace mathematicians are much in demand because of their training in reasoning, logical thought, method and order.

In order to achieve this we strive to make our teaching clear, positive and, where possible, inspiring. We try to highlight the relevance of mathematics in everyday life and aim to provide teaching that is committed to the pupils and their individual needs.

As a department we aim to:

  •     ensure that pupils acquire mathematical knowledge and skills, and use them with confidence, satisfaction, enjoyment, clarity of expression and accuracy,
  •     equip pupils to achieve mathematical qualifications,
  •     allow pupils to experience mathematics in a range of contexts,
  •     provide foundations for future study of mathematics,
  •     develop pupils’ ability to think both for themselves and as part of a team
  •     inspire pupils towards a positive view of mathematics.