Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Key Stage 3 MFL

Year 7

All students begin studying German in Year 7 and are taught in ability groups. Students follow the Stimmt German course throughout KS3 and complete three modules of work in this first academic year.

Module 1: The world and I
Module 2: Family and pets
Module 3: Free time


Year 8

In Year 8, all students continue to study German, with students in the top set on each half of the year group taking on French as a second foreign language. During Year 8, students complete the following three modules of work from the Stimmt course in German:

Module 1: School
Module 2: Holidays
Module 3: Media


Students studying French in Year 8 follow the Studio course and complete the following modules:

Module 1: Personal Information
Module 2: School
Module 3: Free time


At KS3, students are tested at regular intervals throughout the academic year and are formally assessed upon completion of each module. Students are then informed of their progress on their pathways (foundation/intermediate/higher/advanced) and undertake self-evaluation procedures and set personal targets for development. Intervention strategies are put in place for students who fall below their pathway target.

Towards the end of Year 8, students will choose their options. All students in sets 1-3 continue with German as a compulsory GCSE subject in Year 9. Those students with clear linguistic ability are offered the opportunity to continue with French as a second foreign language.