Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Key Stage 4 MFL

Years 9, 10, and 11

Due to the content of the new MFL curriculum, students now begin their GCSE course at the start of Year 9. Students complete three modules of work each academic year from the Stimmt or Studio courses.

At KS4, students are assessed at regular intervals throughout the academic year and are formally assessed against their target grade (9-1) and undertake self-evaluation procedures and set personal targets for development. Intervention strategies are put in place for students who fall below their target.



The course is divided into three main themes. Each theme is then further divided into four sub-topics.

Theme 1: Identity and Culture

Me, my family & Friends

Technology in everyday life

Free time activities

Customs & festivals in German-speaking countries / communities

  • Relationships with family/friends
  • Marriage & partnership
  • Social media
  • Mobile technology
  • Music
  • Cinema/TV
  • Food & eating out
  • Sport


Theme 2: Local, National, International and global areas of interest

Home, town, neighbourhood and region

Social issues

Global issues

Travel & tourism


  • Charity/ volunteer work
  • Healthy/ unhealthy living
  • Environment
  • Poverty/ homelessness


Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

My studies

Life at school / college

Education post-16

Jobs, career choices & ambitions



All the assessments are completed in year 11, although you will have end of module assessments during the two year course to ensure that you know how to get the best grades at the end. All assessments must be taken in the same tier, i.e. all Foundation (F) or all Higher (H)


What is assessed






  • Topics from across the two years
  • You will have questions in English and German. Answer in the question language.


35 mins - F

45 mins - H

40 - F

50 - H




  • You will have preparation time before the exam
  • Role-play card
  • Photo card
  • General conversation (one chosen topic, one unseen topic from a different theme))

7-9 mins - F

10-12 mins - H

RP - 15

PC - 15

GC- 30




  • Topics from across the two years
  • You will have questions in English and German. Answer in the question language.
  • Translation from German to English


45 mins - F

60 mins - H





  • 3 questions which require a written response – getting progressively longer and more challenging
  • Translation from English to German (10 marks)


  • 1 structured writing task
  • 1 open ended writing task
  • Translation from English to German (12 marks)

60 mins - F

75 mins - H

50 - F

60 - H