Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Extra Curricular Activities

In science we like to give students the opportunity to take science away from the classroom, through various trips, clubs and activities. We do this to provide the students with unique opportunities to see different aspects of science, that would not be covered or seen in a standard teaching classroom. These activities are design to enrich and enhance students' understanding and participation in science.

Enrichment Activities:

Astronomy Club:

Open to all years. Students explore the night sky using telescoped, star charts, and apps.

Crest Club Bronze Award:

Open to KS3 students.

Pupils design their own investigation and upon completion, gain the British Science Association Crest Club Bronze Award.

Space Day:

For Year 7.

Pupils spend an entire day in the science department, exploring the aspects of space, via a variety of activities. These include; rocket building, entering the space dome, looking at real meteorites and moon rock from the Apollo mission (courtesy of NASA), and participating in an interactive talk by the author of Stars and Planets, Denis Ashton.

Trips and Challenges

Blackpool Zoo

Open to Year 7 Students.

The whole year group is taken on a trip to Blackpool Zoo to aid with the classification of animals, and how they have adapted to survive. Students also receive a talk from the experts at the zoo.

Salters Chemistry Festival:

Open to Years 7 & 8.

This is a competition between a variety of schools in the north west. The process starts in school, where teams of 4 compete to solve a chemistry based problem; the winning team is put forward as the school's representative to travel to Manchester University to compete against the other schools in the Salters Chemistry Festival.

Science and Technology Challenge:

Open to Year 9 AGT students.

The challenge is based at Lancaster University and involves pupils working together with other schools to complete challenges using advanced scientific equipment.

Chemistry Camp:

Two students from Year 10 have been selected to go to Cambridge University to participate in the chemistry camp.

What Can Science Do For Me? Science Careers Day:

Years 9 - 11 had the opportunity to speak to over 40 different scientific professionals about what their career was, and how they became a part of their profession.

Physic Olympics

This is an annual Ogden trust Physics Olympics challenge which takes  place in June at Albany Academy.  Two teams of Physics students compete  in various STEM categories against other school within the Lancashire Ogden's trust.