Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Faculty of Science

Science Faculty Staff

Head of Faculty: Mrs. L. Petts
Second in Faculty: Mrs. A. Holden
Staff: Dr W. Aston
  Miss S. Beesley
  Miss H. Bonner
  Mrs V. McShane
Lead teacher of Physics: Mr B. Needham
KS3 Science Coordinator: Mr D. Tye
  Mr B. Willis
Lab Technicians: Mrs W. Gibbons
  Mrs E. Speakman


Science Curriculum Intent

The science curriculum area’s vision is to engage young people in science and develop scientists of the future. We wish to create a stimulating and exciting learning environment where the teaching is both challenging and supportive. By empowering students to learn independently we allow them to flourish and achieve to the very best of their ability. We only offer the highest standards including quality resources and a safe, comfortable environment.

The science department aims to educate our students to become citizens of a scientific world and perhaps inspire some to become future scientists and engineers. We hope to motivate students to consider the social, cultural and moral issues related to science. We aim to teach them to use scientific knowledge and skills with confidence and accuracy and to enhance their education with an array of enrichment opportunities.