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KS4 Science


KS4 Science

Science is a core subject and must be studied by all students until they leave school. There are two routes of study at KS4 Science, both routes follow AQA specifications.  These new science GCSE will be first examined in 2018.

  • Separate science GCSEs ( 3 GCSEs)
  • Combined Science GCSE- Trilogy (2 GCSEs)

In year 9 students will start their GCSE studies having spent the autumn term further developing the necessary practical & mathematical skills they require for KS4 science study. By the end of year 8 some students will have opted to study the separate sciences. The majority of students will continue studying combined science in years 9,10 & 11.

For more details on each of the GCSEs we offer including specification and assessment details, please use the links below.

GCSE Biology-

GCSE Chemistry-

GCSE Physics-

GCSE Combined science: Trilogy-

Students will be placed in a set that reflects their ability in the subject and a range of assessments will be used to determine the most appropriate set.  

Students are required to purchase three folders to keep their Science work in, one for each subject.

All qualifications are linear. Linear means that students will sit all their exams at the end of the course. There is no coursework.

Subject content

All pupils will study the following subject topics. Those pupils studying separate science study each topic in more depth.


1. Cell biology

2. Organisation

3. Infection and response

4. Bioenergetics

5. Homeostasis and response

6. Inheritance, variation and evolution

7. Ecology


8. Atomic structure and the periodic table

9. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter

10. Quantitative chemistry

11. Chemical changes

12. Energy changes

13. The rate and extent of chemical change

14. Organic chemistry

15. Chemical analysis

16. Chemistry of the atmosphere

17. Using resources


18. Energy

19. Electricity

20. Particle model of matter

21. Atomic structure

22. Forces

23. Waves

24. Magnetism and electromagnetism

25. Space (Separate science Physics only)