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Here at Bishop Rawstorne Academy we aim to instil British values to all our students in a variety of ways within Physical Education. Through our carefully planned curriculum we aim to teach and develop lifelong skills that are applicable not just in PE lessons but in wider society also.


Within all lessons students get the opportunity to have their opinions heard amongst their peers when discussing topics and current issues and tactics. Students are encouraged to learn about democracy and allowing everyone the opportunity to have their say. This is often seen through feedback and peer and self-analysis tasks within lessons.

Rule of Law:

A key part of Physical Education lessons is about teaching students about rules, sportsmanship, etiquette and fair play. In every lesson students abide by the rules and regulations, gaining a good understanding of rules of each sport and the importance of infringements such as fouls, penalties, cautions and red cards allowing students to understand the consequences of their actions which in turn helps students apply this understanding to their own lives.

Individual Liberty:

Within our lessons students are taught about self-discipline and that to be successful you must work hard, show resilience and have a growth mind-set that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Leadership is another area that we look to develop within our students within lessons and extra-curricular activities. Students in year 9 &10 upwards have the opportunity to take coaching courses or study sports leadership where they learn about the rules of sports and leadership, and how to ensure they are upheld.

Students at KS4 can also experience the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. The scheme has inspired and transformed the lives of millions of young people from all walks of life. From volunteering to physical activities, life skills to expeditions, achieving a Duke of Edinburgh Award is a passport to a brighter future, valued by employers and universities.

Mutual Respect:

Individuals are encouraged to make sensible and informed choices in lessons and to take ownership and leadership for this. This is demonstrated through ensuring the working environment is safe as well as students regularly being in charge of warm-ups and cool-downs being responsible for their group’s cardiovascular element and stretching.


Students in PE use of a range of social skills in different contexts, including working and socialising with students from different religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. They are also taught about respecting students’ different abilities and also the calls/judgements made by officials during games.  Through Dance in years 7-9 students learn about how to express themselves in different ways. They also look at the expression of different cultures and their styles of dance. In GCSE PE students learn how many different factors influences peoples participation in sport – these factors include religion and personal beliefs.