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Physical Education - Rules & Safety Procedures

  • All pupils are required to participate in all PE lessons unless illness or injury prevents them from doing so.
  • Any pupil finding it necessary to be excused from active participation needs to bring a note from home providing the reason(s) why.
  • Pupils should enter the changing rooms in an orderly fashion and proceed to put on the appropriate PE kit as quickly as possible in order to maximise available lesson time.
  • No jewellery is permitted at any time as it provides a hazard to both the wearer and fellow pupils.
  • All valuables are pupil’s own responsibility and should be packed away in a safe place and the changing rooms locked. 
  • Long hair must be tied back before entering the lesson.
  • The appropriate safety equipment should be worn for particular activities / when using different facilities (shin pads for football; studded boots when on the grass area).
  • Pupils should not exit the changing areas until they are instructed to enter the appropriate facility by the teacher responsible for leading the lesson.
  • Pupils are not allowed to chew gum at any stage of PE lessons. Drinks are permitted but must be in a bottle which can be sealed (no open cartons) and consumed off-court.
  • Listening in lessons is essential in order to ensure that pupils know what they are doing. This includes when other pupils are taking leadership roles within lesson, helping with demonstrations.
  • Pupils need to follow all instructions when handling, setting up / taking down equipment. Two or more pupils are required to remove larger items of apparatus. 
  • Please respect both the facilities and all equipment as they have been constructed / purchased with your progress and enjoyment in mind. Damaged equipment cannot always be replaced so try your best to take care of it. 
  • Pupils should always report any damage to equipment immediately so that problems can be addressed. Your help in this area is greatly appreciated.
  • Showers at the end of lessons are optional but are advised for hygiene purposes. 
  • Always try your best in lessons regardless of your level of ability. The PE staff will strive at all time to ensure that all lesson are fully inclusive and designed to enable everyone to achieve success.

The PE Department operates a zero-tolerance policy towards disrespect to others and/ or bullying. Help, encourage and co-operate with others at all times within your group/ team.