Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Graphics (KS3 Carousel)


In years 7 and 8 the students are given projects to develop their skills learning about graphics. The students will be learning how graphics are used for example in advertising, marketing and product design.  The students will also be learning the tools and features of the software applications they will be using.

Throughout the year the students will be developing a brand name for a band, creating a logo, creating an animation to advertise the band and finally designing and creating a CD Case for the bands CD.

Year 7

In their first lesson the students are introduced to the software by creating a colourful label for their Technology folder.  This allows the students to practice the software and gain a brief insight into the tools and features of the software they will be using.

Year 7 and 8

To develop their skills the students will be learning how to create a band name for their band. The students will research different band names to gain ideas on colour, layout and design.  Their task is to o develop a brand for the band using a theme of colour and font style and sizes.   The band name will need to be creative and well designed, appropriate for a modern day band. 

Next the students will be learning about LOGOS.  They will use the Internet to research different styles of logo to gain an understanding of why the logo is important to business and their band.  The students will then design their own logo and create it further developing their use of the tools and features of the software.

To advertise the band the students will be creating an animation.  They will research different animations on websites to identify the key features of animations and what the audience needs. The students will then design and create their own animation to advertise their band considering cloning the frame, the speed of each frame, colour, font style size, and audience needs.  The animation needs to be professional and easy to read.

Finally the students will be creating a CD case for the band’s latest CD.  The students will research different CD Cases to find the key features.  They will design and create their CD case and using  a ‘net’ to create the frame for the CD case.  The students will then design the front and back cover of the CD case which will then be transferred to the ‘net’.  The finished product will be cut out and ready for the CD.