Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Programming (KS3 Carousel)

Programming has been put at the heart of a global revitalisation of the skills needed to be excellent computer scientists in the 21st Century and at Bishop Rawstorne we are thoroughly committed to enabling all our students to have the necessary skills in programming. 

Year 7

Students in year 7 work on understanding algorithms and how computers control everyday items, such as lighthouses, big wheels and robots.  They are challenged to decompose programming problems by first building an algorithm and then using the programming language Scratch to create a simulation for that problem in computer code.  Pupils work in teams to solve these problems and then test and debug their programs to ensure that they work.  Students spend 18 hours on the programming carousel during year 7.


Year 8

Students in year 8 design and build an educational game in Scratch.  They use their learning in algorithms from year 7 to create one for their game, before building their game for a specified audience.  Students work in teams to collaborate on the creative aspects and then build their game independently. This learning in Scratch programming builds students’ skills ready for their first taste of a text-based programming language where students develop their skills in python.  Students spend 18 hours on the programming carousel in year 8.