Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

The Wolfson Foundation grants £60,000 to our science lab refurbishment

30 June 2020

Two of our science laboratories had come to the end of their useful life and the project cost to refurbish them was going to be £100,000. Although we could support the funding of one of the labs, we needed support to get both labs refurbished. So, earlier in the year we applied to The Wolfson Foundation for an award to part fund the project. The Wolfson Foundation have just announced the successful applicants and we have been awarded £60,000 towards the cost of the refurbishment project. The project is being undertaken by Klick Technology Ltd and will start at October half term with completion due just before the Christmas holidays.

Mr Cowley said “Although applying to such an esteemed organisation was daunting, the project application support that was given by the Wolfson team was first class. I felt confident from the outset that we had a strong application, and this has been confirmed in awarding such a generous amount of money. Wolfson’s award will guarantee the offer of more places being made available to our students to study the sciences as separate subjects. This in turn will help more of our students to confidently move into the science sector of employment which can only be positive both for their futures and the future of the sector.”

The Wolfson Foundation is an independent charity that supports and promotes excellence ​ in the fields of science and health, heritage, humanities and the arts. Education and research underpins all that they do. Since it was established in 1955, over £900 million (£1.9 billion in real terms) has been awarded to more than 11,000 projects throughout the UK, all on the basis of expert review.

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