Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

**Important Information For Parents**

2 January 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,


As you will be aware from various messages in the media, secondary schools will not be re-opening for students in any year group on Monday 4th January. We will communicate further once we are able to say definitively when Year 11 can return and when Years 7-10 can return. At present it would just be speculation. Whilst this will be disappointing, staff are prepared and ready to deliver outstanding online teaching and learning to mitigate the time out of school.


On Monday morning 4th January 2021 students are expected to follow their normal timetable and will be taught remotely by their normal classroom teachers. Whilst we hope this is a short-term hiccup in terms of not being in school, it is essential that all students participate in on-line learning regardless of age group or the duration of time they are out of school.


If there are any issues with working remotely from home that are technology-based, then please contact the school office, otherwise queries should be directed to the classroom teacher or Head of Year. The school will be open for vulnerable students, the children of key workers and those not able to access remote learning, but only for Years 7 and 8 in the first instance.


For students in receipt of free school meal provision, we will be in touch on Monday to clarify how that will work in the first week of term.


Can I wish you all a Happy New Year and let us all hope that we are able to make major strides towards a normal existence in the coming months.


Mr P Rawlinson