Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Head Boy & Girl

Head Boy - Liam Hardman

Hi, my name is Liam and I am privileged to have been appointed as Head Boy for the forthcoming school year at Bishop Rawstorne Church Of England Academy. It is a great opportunity to have more responsibility and to give something back to the school.

During my time at Bishop Rawstorne I have represented the school in the football, basketball and athletics teams. Last year I mentored a Year 7 tutor group which involved me supporting younger students, doing fun, interactive quizzes and giving support on how to manage homework and school life. Additionally, I am a qualified football referee and have refereed at matches and tournaments to help the school and to develop my own personal skills. Furthermore, I have participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. I have also been lucky enough to attend a school football trip to Alicante and the ski trip to Montgenevre, both of which were thoroughly enjoyable and supported my social development.

Bishop Rawstorne has a fantastic set of teaching staff who are friendly, kind and approachable. They are extremely dedicated in wanting to help all students achieve their full potential. The school also offers pastoral support which helps students increase their confidence and get the best out of their lessons.

Bishop Rawstorne has lots of enrichment opportunities such as the sports teams but also chess club, choir, band, STEM club and school productions. Every student is encouraged to participate as much as possible throughout their time at the school.

I am really looking forward to my year as Head Boy at Bishop Rawstorne and would like to thank my teachers and fellow students for all their support and best wishes.


Head Girl - Lauren Dobson

Hello, my name is Lauren and I have been appointed as Head Girl for the coming year,2018-2019, at Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy. Despite my awareness that this role comes with various challenges, I feel confident and highly honoured to face this responsibility. Without a doubt, I am greatly excited and looking forward to seeing what this year will bring, similarly, what I can do to convey my appreciation towards this school due to the many opportunities and privileges I have be given over the course of my time at Bishops.

Fundamentally, Bishop Rawstorne is an outstanding school. The staff aspire to guide students to success and to mature into young adults that are prepared to reach their full potential once they have left high school. The teachers consistently provide excellent academic support and happily sacrifice effort and time to ensure that each and every student is able to progress - not only academically, but also mentally. Notably, the staff and students also share unique relationships with one another and are clearly respected on both sides.

In addition, the school seeks academic growth as well as confidence, maturity and the development of social skills as individuals. My persistent participation in regular opportunities, such as the Duke of Edinburgh award, mentoring the Year 7s and school council, has lead me to become growingly more confident and a better person who displays a multitude of Christian values. The school motto itself – Aspire, Believe, Achieve – has countless times encouraged me to achieve many successes I would never previously thought of having.

The excellent Christian ethos of the school helps to create a loving and friendly community within Bishop Rawstorne and a pleasant work place to focus in. It is this atmosphere that encourages students to be the best they can be and to have stronger and more realistic aspirations for their future.

Hence, it is essential to take advantage of the endless opportunities students are provided with in order to develop more secure and noticeable impressions for the near future. The school caters for all interests and abilities, encouraging the students to balance work with recreation and fun.

To conclude, I am extremely privileged to be representing Bishop Rawstorne as Head Girl and will support all students through this upcoming year. I hope to fulfil the role of being Head Girl as well as previous students have done before me and I look forward to seeing what this year brings.



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