Freya Petts

Hi, I’m Freya Petts! I have been here at Bishop Rawstorne for four years, I have met some amazing people, had brilliant opportunities and made some memories that will be with me for life. A bit about me- I love music and over the years I have played a variety of instruments including, piano, trumpet, and singing which is now aiding me with GCSE Music. In school, there are a variety of different activities which is why I was able to go to Italy in the summer of 2019. My favourite subject is geography, as I love learning about the different cultures, traditions and issues which arise around the world. After I leave education, I hope to go travelling across the globe to explore.

Personally, I love school as it is a chance to grow as a person and meet new people; I also know that some people will face challenges in their time at Bishop Rawstorne, so if you ever need a helping hand or a friendly face, I will always be there to help you. My time at Bishops has gone so quickly and if I could tell my younger-self one thing, it would be this: the people at Bishops will be your family for the next five years. They will help you and protect you, so cherish your time together, it will go quickly.


Lydia Marchbank

Hello - my name is Lydia Marchbank and I am head girl at Bishop Rawstorne. This position has always been a goal of mine since joining the school in 2017 as I always wished to contribute to the success of the school and bring new ideas to the role. In my opinion, the best thing about Bishop Rawstorne is that it’s a place of opportunity for everyone; helping you to develop as a young person, no matter what your interests and skills are.

Here is a little bit about me….in three words, I would describe myself as motivated, caring and confident. I pride myself on being organised which is something I would encourage every student to be. My favourite subjects are biology, chemistry, history and maths and I aspire to have a career as a research scientist- hopefully I can discover something that will make our world a better place! I play competitive badminton in the Southport and District Badminton League and also enjoy gymnastics and netball. In addition to sport, I enjoy baking and reading. My favourite books are Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian (very sad but brilliant!) and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. If, like me, you enjoy reading, I would recommend visiting our fantastic library here at Bishop Rawstorne.

I am very excited to be working with staff and students throughout the coming year, particularly guiding those students who are new to the school. I know that we all need a helping hand once in a while and believe that four years at the school will give me the experience to be able to support others.


Jack Edwards Barrott

Hi, my name is Jack Edwards Barrott and I am sixteen. I am part of the Senior Prefect Team but also a member of the Student Voice Team. I am particularly interested in being a leading member in developing ways to support mental health well-being at our school. I believe that the one way to change things for the better is to do something; it’s important to get involved rather than sit back and let others make all the decisions.   I am hoping I can be a listening ear to represent the views of others and support them in their journey through school.

In my free time, I enjoy playing golf at my club as well as listening to music. I enjoy travelling and have been lucky enough to visit a wide range of places. I'm hoping to go to Runshaw College to study computing, maths and geography.


Eloise Woodcock

Hi, I’m Eloise Woodcock and I am a senior prefect here at Bishop Rawstorne. My favourite subject at school is history as the lessons are always fun, immersive and the teachers are great! I always feel that help is available if necessary and the strong sense of community here at Bishops makes it a wonderful place to be. In my spare time I play the keyboard, golf and enjoy to read - particularly books about politics. I am also in the schools Ethos club and I’m actively involved in charity work around school and in the wider community. 


Charlotte Kidd

Hi, my name is Charlotte Kidd and I feel honoured to be appointed as one of the Senior Prefects at Bishop Rawstorne. I have really enjoyed my time so far at Bishop Rawstorne; all the teachers have helped me so much to be the person that I am today. My favourite subjects are French and German as I love exploring new languages and cultures (also, the teachers are amazing!). I hope to inspire those in lower years to get the most out of their time at Bishop Rawstorne and to help instil a love of learning.


Emily Gautrey

Hello, my name is Emily, and I am honoured to be a part of the Senior Prefect Team. My main aim as a senior prefect is to have a positive impact on other students’ time at Bishop Rawstorne. I hope that students feel they can approach me with any problems they may need help with, and I will do my best to try and resolve them. I will be on duty around school most days of the week, so if you have any concerns, don’t be afraid to let me know.

A little bit of information about me: outside of school, I attend Inspiration Dance School and have been a member since the age of 7. Since then, I have taken part in many competitions and performed at Disneyland Paris and Pirates in Mallorca.

Thank you, hope to see you around!


Thomas Grayson


Hello, my name is Thomas Grayson. I joined Bishop Rawstorne back in 2017 and I am now extremely fortunate to hold the title of head boy at this amazing school. My favourite subjects include the likes of PE and history however my favourite thing about Bishop Rawstorne would have to be the wide variety of extra-curricular activities the school has to offer.

Outside of school, I love football and golf and attempt to play both sports as much as possible in my free time.

If you see me around school and have any problems or need someone to talk to I'm always willing to listen to anything you have to say.


Rebecca Link

Hi, I'm Rebecca Link and I am one of the senior prefects in Year 11. One of my favourite subjects is history as I enjoy learning about past generations and how we can learn a lot about today, from the past. I hope to study history at college, alongside politics and law.  Outside of school, I am a part of a dance school where I do contemporary and jazz. I also love reading and really enjoy the various different adventures you can go on through literature. During my time at Bishop Rawstorne, I have learned so much and feel it has equipped me for life beyond school. The past four years have flown by and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but I am excited for my final year here and hope I can help others in the years below me


Emma Bithell

Hello, my name is Emma Bithell, and I have had the privilege of being appointed as a senior prefect this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bishop Rawstorne so far; the school has helped me to not only gain knowledge but also to grow as a person.  My favourite subject here at Bishops has to be geography as I love exploring current issues and learning new things about our planet and what it's like today.  This year I hope to be able to help my fellow peers, teachers, and the younger years as I have been helped and supported during my time here.


Amelie Elliott

My name is Amelie Elliott and I am really proud to have been chosen as a senior prefect this year. I think my favourite things about school is the variety of different opportunities we are provided with, for example we learn so many different subjects and there are also a variety of activities that we can attend after-school. As well as this, the bonds that we form with both our peers and teachers makes the school environment super friendly. My favourite subjects are P.E. as I really enjoy playing sports, both in school and outside of school, and I particularly love swimming. Another of my favourite subjects is history as I find it really interesting. As a senior prefect I am excited to represent the school and to be a good example to other students.


Owen Stevenson

Hi, I’m Owen and a senior prefect here at Bishop Rawstorne. At first, I found a new school difficult to adapt to, but it doesn’t take long to learn your way around. In school, I have an interest in subjects such as maths and computer science due to their straight-forwardness and logical foundations. Outside of school, I play sports like football and table tennis and particularly enjoy playing the keyboard as it is relaxing, soothing and good for mental well-being. If you ever feel like you need help in school there is always someone to go to and is a very safe environment to be in.


Jack Hepplestone

Hi my name is Jack Hepplestone and I am a student at Bishop Rawstorne. Throughout my four years of being at this school, the teachers have made me feel welcome and have helped me in many circumstances. Outside of school I am a swimmer and have been very successful through my career. I’ve made it to regional events and am pushing towards national, if not international in the coming years. In school, my favourite subject is science as it all interests me on how things work and have evolved. If you ever need someone to come and speak to around school then I am always there to help you. The school will make you feel very welcome and cared for through your time at Bishops and the time will go faster than you expect.


Michael Anglim

Hi, my name is Michael Anglim and I am a senior prefect at Bishop Rawstorne. This means that if you ever need any help with anything then you can ask me when you see me around school. I became a senior prefect as I believe it is important to give something back to the school and take responsibility. Throughout my time at Bishops so far, I have enjoyed a variety of activities and clubs, including many sports such as football, handball, badminton and basketball. My favourite subject at school is GCSE PE as I spend most of my time doing some form of sport, and I also like maths. Outside of school, I play badminton for Lancashire as well as for my club, Mawdesley. Although this takes up a lot of my time, I still do lots of mountain biking as my favourite thing is to be outdoors. However, before this comes schoolwork as it is most important to stay on top of this!


Hannah Morley

Hi, I am Hannah Morley and this year I was honoured with the role of a senior prefect. I have been at Bishop Rawstorne since 2017 and I can honestly say that it has been the best 4 years of my life so far. These last two years have been tricky for everyone, not only for younger students but for older students as well. As a senior prefect it is my job to help in any way I can, whether that be with school life or not, I will always be there to help. So please just ask!

A little bit about myself:

At school, my favourite subject is art and I love it. Art allows me to express my feelings and helps me to relax with school life which can sometimes seem stressful. At Bishop Rawstorne, you can study many different subjects such as Food Tech, Computing and Music. At school you are also able to be members of clubs such as the school choir and dance club, which I have also participated in. The school offers trips as well and over the past four years I’ve have been able to go to France and Rome which were incredible.

During my four years at Bishop Rawstorne, I have learned a range different subjects, made so many memories and met some amazing people. I can’t believe how fast the four years have gone and how I only have a few months left. But one thing that I have learnt at Bishop Rawstorne is to be kind, be friendly and to be yourself and you will succeed.


Matthew Bromley

Hi, I am Matthew Bromley and I have been at Bishop Rawstorne since 2017. I am a senior prefect and I am in Year 11. So, who am I? 

I’m a fun, sporty person who loves anything to do with sport. Inside of school I have participated in many sporting events such as basketball, football, cricket and handball to name a few. 

The best advice I would give to a new-comer at Bishop Rawstorne is to be polite to everyone, make lots of friends and always listen to the outstanding teachers. 

Furthermore, always be helpful to others as this will most likely be returned later on. My top tip is to be yourself!


Scarlett Howles

Hi, my name is Scarlett Howles and I am one of the senior prefects this year! My time at Bishop Rawstorne has been filled with incredible opportunities, including going to France and Germany! Personally, I enjoy Art and Science as I love the interactive aspects of them – doing science practicals are always very fun. After my time here, I hope to study psychology in college and university, maybe some travelling as well. I hope to be a friendly face around school that you can easily talk to. It’s hard to believe my time here is almost up, however my experiences and memories I have gotten along the way go to show that I spent them well. I advise you to do the same - take your chances and enjoy every moment!

As this year goes on, I hope we all can enjoy our time and get through any challenge thrown at us. If you have any questions or queries please do not be afraid to ask the prefects and senior prefects. I would like to finish off by saying to be kind to yourselves and others


Alban McGuinness

Hello, I’m Alban McGuinness and I am one of the senior prefects you will see around school. I am very friendly so if you have any problems, then I am always available to help you. If you need any help - just let me know. I will be around school all week so just come up and ask me and I will happily help you resolve your problem. Some personal information is that I like computer science and science in general. In my   free time I love to play on my computer with my friends.  


Millie Cast


Hi! My name is Millie and I’m a senior prefect. I love reading and singing - especially musical theatre. My favourite subject is history however I also enjoy English and science. I have been at Bishop Rawstorne for five years and I am honoured to have been chosen to represent this school.  Hopefully, I can support others in making sure that their time in school is happy and successful.