Zack Barker

Hi, my name is Zack Barker, and I am one of your mentors in 7M. I will be helping you through your time in year 7 at Bishop Rawstorne. I was in your position in 2018 and have enjoyed being at this school ever since. It is understandable feeling nervous as you start a new school, but I can reassure you that these are the best years of your life. You meet so many new people and make amazing friends for life, all you need to do is make sure you be yourself and follow the school rules.

Furthermore, let me tell you something about myself. I enjoy playing rugby, football and cricket and best of all spending time with my friends. My favorite subject is P.E I really enjoy this as the teachers are so nice and friendly and make you feel so welcome. Since joining high school, I have attended many afterschool activities such as, football, cricket, rugby and handball I have also represented school in many activities too. One note to bear in mind is to just be yourself do not try and act like someone you are not because at the end of the day people will like you for who you are, and this is what I realized. If you have any worries or doubts about starting high school do not be afraid to ask me or your other mentor for help and always remember we are a friendly face around school. Best of luck and I cannot wait to meet all of you guys!




Emily Lyon

Hi I’m Emily and I will be guiding you through your first year at Bishop Rawstorne. I joined Bishops in 2018 and with the help of my mentors I was able to settle into school life and take on challenges, hopefully I will be able to do the same with you. The change from primary school to high school may appear quite daunting however it gives you an opportunity to make new friends and create amazing memories.

The subject I enjoy the most is PE because it encourages you to work as a team, participate in different activities and enjoy a range sports with your friends including netball, rounders and handball. There are also many after school activities that you may want to participate in.

Throughout high school, just be yourself and try your hardest. If you have any issues or problems don’t be afraid to come and find me, I will be a friendly face in the corridors.  I just want to wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to meet you!






Apphia Keenan

 Hi, I am Apphia, and I will be your mentor for year 7. I started at Bishop Rawstorne in 2018 as a year 7 and I can remember how daunting I thought high school was going to be, I can assure   you, it was not what I anticipated, in fact, it was fun and exciting having a fresh start.

My favourite subject is PE as I love to play sports and be active as well as working as part of a team. Bishops have a wide range of after school activities, some that I have been to are netball, football, athletics and a few more which I really enjoy. Out of school I train 3 times a week and compete in athletics, more specifically a pentathlon.

The past year has been a bit frightening because there has been a lot of uncertainty. However, I have quite enjoyed learning from home, but I have missed the social aspect of being in school and doing things like we usually would.

One of the best pieces of advice I could give to you is to be yourself and go into every subject with an open mind. Just because you did not like a subject at primary school it does not it mean that you will not enjoy it at high school as I am sure you will love it. Be kind to everyone and do not be nervous to make friends as it is a lot easier than you think! As I am sure many of your teachers will say, do not be afraid to ask questions as that is one of the best ways of learning something new.


Aleks Zywicki

Hi. My name is Aleks Zywicki and I will be one of the two mentors that will be guiding you   through year 7, since high school is a big step up and is significantly different than primary Year   6. I will be there to help with your first days and weeks in school and help you feel at ease.  
My hobbies are mostly videogames and socialising with my friends. I’d like to call myself very friendly and confident; I want to help you settle in enjoy the privilege of being in this school as I do. My favourite subject is probably English and GCSE PE as I find it very enjoyable playing all the different sports and staying healthy and I enjoy English due to the stories and poems that you will soon study too. I have found my past years including this one to be quite tough due to the challenges presented by Covid. However, due to the students’ and teachers’ resilience they have been able to teach and educate us even during tough times (they really are great so no need to be shy, honestly!) 
Bishop Rawstorne is a very welcoming environment, however it may seem daunting at first, but you will hopefully adjust quickly. Remember to be nice and friendly to everyone and you will get along just fine; if you are struggling with schoolwork or with stress then the teachers will be more than welcome to help (if you don’t know who then there are posters around the school that suggest different teachers for helping students who need it). I will await your arrival in Bishops. I wish you the best of luck going forward and can’t wait to meet you!



Jack McKenna

Hi, my name is Jack and I will be your mentor for your time in year 7. I have been a student at Bishop Rawstorne for the past three years, and in 2018 I was in exactly your position; leaving the comfort of a close-knit primary school to begin my journey in what seemed like a large and daunting but exciting secondary school. Here at Bishop Rawstorne you will have the opportunity of making many new friends from all different backgrounds and the chance to grow as an individual both inside and outside of school, due to the vast range of subjects and after school activities.

Outside of school, my favourite sports are cricket, football and skiing, which I have been competing in from around the age of 7, learning new skills and gaining mental strength to keep going when things don’t quite go your way. This is a fantastic life lesson, which has helped me with other aspects of school life. Due to   my sporting background, PE is my favourite lesson within school, but I also enjoy more academic subjects such as maths and science.

The best advice I could give you from my time here so far would be to be yourself, always be kind to others and be willing to learn. This advice has stood me in good stead and it will naturally make you grow as a person and will widen your circle of friends.

I am sure that you may have some worries about starting high school, but try to have fun and enjoy the experience. If you do need any help or something is troubling you, don’t hesitate to ask either members of staff or me, and we will try and help you as best we can. I hope that you have a great time here at Bishop Rawstorne.



Maddie Walmsley

Hi, I’m Maddie and I’ll be your new mentor for year 7! I’ve been a student at Bishop Rawstorne since 2018 and can still remember that first year feeling. Starting year 7 will be very daunting for some of you but no need to worry as we are here to help you with anything you need. High school is very exciting as you’ll get to meet so many new people, including your teachers!

My favourite subjects are Art and English as you can express yourself in so many different ways, not to mention that all of the teachers here at Bishops are inspiring and easy to talk to.

Out of school I enjoy singing, listening to music and fashion. Basically, expressing who I am! Never forget that school is about having fun and making friends, so as you progress through the year, have a great time, be yourself and be kind to others.

My life at Bishops has been amazing! I’ve learned so much and have had the opportunity to meet my best friends and although the work has gotten harder, the teachers have still supported me with whatever I need. Remember, any worries or issues you have about your new school, don’t keep them locked inside, come and speak to me or any of the teachers because we’re here to help with advice and support, honest, I was just like you three years ago! Most importantly, don’t worry or stress and walk in on your first day with a smile on your face ready to enjoy your time at Bishops, I can’t wait to meet you!



Isaac Dickinson

Hi, I'm Isaac and I will be your mentor through year 7. I have been at Bishop Rawstorne now since 2018 and I remember year 7 being very exciting and new, but also feeling nervous about joining a new school and making new friends, but I assure you everything will be okay. Your teachers and peers will help you and if you are ever struggling you can always come and talk to us.

My favourite subject is PE. This is because I like sport and find it very fun to do with my friends and others outside of school, but exercise is also very important for keeping fit. Since the beginning of my journey at Bishop Rawstorne, I have attended many different groups and activities such as: football, athletics, handball, maths challenges and many more, and I hope you will also be keen to take part.

One of the best things to do through school is make new friends and maybe at the start you may think it's tough but just be kind and be yourself and I'm sure you will find some people you get on with.

If you have any worries, your tutors, teachers and students around school are always here for you and we will try to help you. One thing to remember is just to enjoy yourself and have fun, I hope you have a great time at Bishop Rawstorne.





Annabel Eastham

Hi, I’m Annabel and I will be guiding you through your first year at Bishop Rawstorne. When I joined Year 7 in 2018, my mentors really helped me to settle into school life and take on new challenges, and I hope I can do the same with you. Coming into year 7 will be different and slightly scary, but it’s also going to be the start of making new memories and friends. It may seem daunting to join a school that’s so much bigger than your primary but that just means there are more people to meet, including teachers. 

 The subject I enjoy the most is Art as it lets me explore creative sides of learning and express    how I feel onto a canvas. There are a range of after school clubs, and I have taken part in quite a few including football, netball and rounders. As well as sports, there are also many other ways to take part in school life out of the classroom. Some of these being computing, helping out at open evenings and homework club. If you’re lucky, you will also have a chance to go and experience a trip abroad, these trips help you see other cultures and see the natural world. Some hobbies that I enjoy are playing football for my local team, playing tennis and seeing my friends and family. 

 If I could give you any advice going into your first year at Bishops, it would be this, enjoy it and be yourself. There will be many new people to meet and form friendships with, and being part of your tutor group is also a highlight of school life. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions or worries as I am always happy to help. We can’t wait to meet you and I hope you enjoy Bishops. 


Emily Smith

Hi, I’m Emily Smith and I will be one of your mentors to help you get used to life in high school. I started Bishops in 2018 and have been here for 3 years. The transition from primary school to high school can be difficult if you don’t know someone who has been through it already which is why I’m here to help.

Since the beginning of year 7 I played netball in school which is one of the many after school clubs that Bishops have to offer. Others include badminton, football, cheerleading and more depending on the season. These offer great opportunities to stay active, work as a team and make friends. Outside of school I play cricket with my local team in Tarleton, I only started playing two years ago when I was in year 7 so that I could spend time with friends and enjoy myself, but over time I came to enjoy the competitive side.

My favourite subject in school is German because not only do we learn how to communicate with people in another language, but we also get to learn about their culture, traditions and holidays. Learning another language is both enjoyable and good for your      future, because it opens up more opportunities and job possibilities.

Some of the best advice I can offer you for high school is do not stress! It may seem challenging and scary because of the new environment, different teachers and homework, but you will quickly learn how to adapt to these changes and make friends with ease. If you ever need advice or help in school then I am always here. The most important thing is to always try your best, I look forward to meeting you all soon.



George Smith

Hello 7B, my name is George Smith and I have been a student here at Bishop Rawstorne for 3 years now. I still vividly remember coming to Bishops from my primary school and how daunting it seems for a new pupil. I know you have probably heard this several times from others but starting off will be hard, but it will get better as time goes on. You’ll easily be able to keep on top of things and even make some new friends on the way. I have found that the past year of lockdowns and restrictions has seriously impacted the normal school routine, and I can’t even imagine the stress you have faced this year. Coming from primary school it’s a huge leap from just a few classrooms to dedicated blocks for each subject and with the added restrictions put on last year it makes life even more difficult. However, I assure you that once you spend some time here, the pressure and stress will fade. You’ll even get to enjoy certain subjects, teachers, and fellow pupils. 

As mentioned before I will be your mentor for this year, and I can tell you now I’m super excited to mentor you. My partner and I have a vast range of ideas and games planned to make your school life more fun like quizzes, games, challenges and more. I don’t have many sporting hobbies to speak of but watching motorsport and cars in general are an interest of mine. I can’t count how many times I’ve begged my parents to get me a car. I’ve always liked animals especially sharks and a career choice I’d like to pursue is zoologist or marine biologist. Like most young people nowadays, I spend most of my time talking to friends online or gaming in some way but in school I’m always happy to help you out if you have a problem or need to talk. My favourite school subjects are normally physical drama as it’s a great way to vent emotions and enjoy your time and creative I-media as you get creative with computers. Both are fun subjects that you will try in your carousel throughout Year 7 and 8. 

Finally, some things to remember is my fellow mentor, the staff and I are always here to help you if you forget something or get lost (don’t worry, we’ve all done it). Spend your break and lunchtimes with your friends as everyone needs a break from the classroom and follow the rules. I hope to see you soon 7B. 



Tomas Gibbs

Hello I am Tomas Gibbs and I’ll be your mentor through year 7. I started Bishops in 2018, and have had a great experience here so far. Starting Bishops can be hard because when I started here I didn’t really know anyone. Year 7 may be different to what you’ve experienced in primary school but as you get used to being here it’ll begin to feel like you’ve been here forever, and you can always ask for our help! You might think Bishops is massive; when I started I certainly thought so, but hopefully you will find some good new friends here.

My favourite subject is German because it’s very useful. Since starting Bishops I’ve been to drum lessons because I enjoy playing the drums. There are lots are chances to go on school residential trips; so far, I have been to a classical music concert and to Jodrell Bank. When you are in Y8 and above you can also help out with open evenings. Outside of school I got to the RAFAC and I also go   to Manchester Utd’s ability youth.

Hopefully, you will enjoy your time here and don’t be afraid to talk to me about anything because I know what it’s like to be here. To conclude, I’m going to wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to meet you.



Jess Robinson

Hi, I’m Jess Robinson and I will be your mentor for Year 7 to help and support you in anything you need. I started Bishop Rawstorne in 2018, and when reflecting upon Year 7 I remember it as being one of the most fun and exciting years. Whenever you are feeling nervous, just remember everyone else has been in the exact same position as you and no matter what you are struggling with there is always somebody who can help you. High school is a big change from primary so undoubtedly you will be feeling anxious, but just remember to be yourself and you will meet so many amazing friends and teachers. Within school they offer so many opportunities, and one of my favourite memories from Bishops is from when I was in Year 7, just like you, and I was able to go to Rome with the choir and sing in the Colosseum as well as many more exciting things. In school my favourite subject is History as you can not only do many creative activities, but also learn lots of interesting things such as the War and all about the amazing civil rights campaigners who have changed the way our society is today. In addition, Bishops also offers so many clubs which I would extremely recommend throughout your time in school as they have allowed me to meet so many people who I possibly wouldn’t have even spoken to without the connection of the clubs. Since the start of Year 7 I have been in the netball club, and due to previously being quite a shy person it really enabled me to   come out of my shell and just have fun with my friends. During our tutor times our main priority is to make sure that you are having fun. I can remember the exact feeling I had before starting Bishops and now reflecting I can recognise just how much I was overly worrying. If you just be yourself and try your best in everything you do you will make so many friends and achieve incredible things over your time at Bishops. I cannot wait to meet you and am always here to help you with anything you need!