Student Voice


Sadie Jackson

Hi, my name is Sadie Jackson and I am part of the Student Voice Team - SVT. Our aim is to speak to other students to get their feedback on things that take place in our school community. For example, I will be focusing on charity work and stewardship to enable us as a school to possibly get more involved with charity events. As a team, we are looking for voices from around school to advise us and possibly start up new ideas that will make a difference to the lives of others. A bit about myself is that I enjoy playing badminton and I also take part in the netball team for school. I strongly recommend any after school activity here at Bishop Rawstorne; get yourselves involved and enjoy it! I feel passionate about being here to listen to your views for what we as a school do and if you ever need your opinions heard, get in touch with one of us on the SVT - we would love to hear from you!


Lilia Naylor


Hi, I’m Lilia Naylor and I am a part of the Student Voice Team here at Bishop Rawstorne. In my spare time, I like dancing and seeing my friends. At school my favourite subjects are PE and history as I enjoy staying active and learning about the past. 

In student voice, I hope to represent the views of all students, in all year groups and help make Bishops an even better place to learn. I will particularly be involved in PSHE with Miss Robinson to help bring new ideas and find out what our students would like to see in PSHE lessons. There are so many issues that young people have to face and I want to make sure we cover these in school so that we can support each other as much as possible.


Noel Robinson

Hi, my name is Noel Robinson and I am a part of the Student Voice Team here at Bishop Rawstorne. To begin, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

In my spare time I enjoy riding my bike and exploring the surrounding area, as well as playing my guitar. I see my role in SVT as a very important one as I am here to represent others in the journey through school. In particular, I would like to help guide younger year groups with literacy activities such as ideas to develop reading, communication and confidence in communication. I will be working with Mrs Dawson, the literacy co-ordinator and hope that I can listen to what students have to say about what we need to do in school to support everyone in developing their literacy skills for life.


Jack Edwards-Barrott

Hi all, my name's Jack Edwards-Barrott and I am part of the Student Voice Team. Specifically, I do work to do with mental health and well-being; these are things I hold very close to my heart as someone very close to me suffered from depression and anxiety. I am making sure our school does as much as possible to ensure the best mental health support for all students and staff. I'd love to talk to anyone who has any ideas for supporting wellbeing in our school, but also anyone who wants to talk about how they feel. In my free time I enjoy playing golf at my local club as well as travelling to new and exciting places. 


Alex McDonald


Hi, I am Alex McDonald I am part of the Student Voice Team. We hope as a team to listen to the views of others and make life at school as good as it can be. I believe that every one, in every year, should have their own views heard and our purpose as a Student Voice Team is to make that easier. I’m here to make sure your voice is heard and I hope to be the communication link between students and the teachers. With your help, we can make the changes needed to ensure your time at school is even better. Outside school, I have a strong passion for cars and motorsport; my favorite car is a Series 2 Escort RS Turbo, and my favourite motorsport series is Formula 1. Within school, I will be working with Mrs Dawson to help improve literacy and communication skills throughout all years. 

Ben Ollier


Hello, my name is Ben Ollier, and I am a part of the Student Voice Team at Bishop Rawstorne. My most favourite subjects are probably history and music B-tech, as I enjoy learning about the past, and playing my guitar. I believe that it is vital for everybody at our school to voice their thoughts and opinions, especially those in younger years as it will make them feel more comfortable in their new school. I’m glad that I am part of the charity section of student voice, as it will mean I will be able to help those who are less fortunate than I am. In my spare time, I enjoy watching TV and playing video games with my friends. My favourite TV show is probably Blackadder, but I also enjoy watching documentaries about the world wars.

Charlotte Jackson


Hi, I’m Charlotte Jackson and I am part of the Student Voice Team here at Bishop Rawstorne. In my spare time I enjoy Bmxing and I am currently regional number 1. I also enjoy riding my horse, Tilly and regularly attend lessons with Wheelton Pony Club. In school, my favourite subjects are PE and triple science which I chose as part of my GCSE subjects; I would strongly recommend them both! I am honoured to be a part of the Student Voice Team, specialising in mental health and well-being; both being very close to my heart. I hope to help younger years feel comfortable talking about their mental health as well as helping them to improve their well-being.



Hi, my name is Iris, and I am part of the Student Voice Team, working alongside Miss Robinson in finding out what students would like to see reflected in our PSHE lessons. I think it is important that in PSHE we cover topics that are relevant and engaging as well as beneficial to students of all ages.

In my spare time, I enjoy mindful activities such as art, reading and I play several musical instruments. My favourite subjects in school are science, maths and music.

The Student Voice Team aims to collect views of students from different year groups on what is happening in and around school and what we as a school can do better. We welcome ideas to help create an even more supportive and understanding environment in school.