Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

AGT Identification & Nomination


Gifted and Talented students are identified through the analysis of various sources of data. To complement student assessment data, curriculum areas will use their own subject specific methods to identify students within their own specialist area.

It is important to note that students’ potential and abilities are not fixed, and everyone is encouraged to build on the aptitudes they have already shown. Our Gifted and Talented register is therefore reviewed and updated regularly.

Parents/carers of students identified as having a particular gift or talent will receive a letter indicating their child’s Gifted and/or Talented subject(s).


How do I nominate a student?

If you think that your child should be on the Gifted and Talented register, please click here to download a nomination form and send the completed form to Mrs C Littlewood, Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented students at Bishop Rawstorne Academy.

Share information about your child’s strengths, interests and achievements including any particular gifts or talents that they have and are developing out of school. Some of your child’s exceptional abilities may only be evident outside the school setting and it is important that the school is made aware of them.
You are welcome to discuss with the school how we intend to support your child – in most cases we will be able to provide everything your child needs, and if we are not able we will be more than happy to point you to external support or opportunities.
Before you decide to nominate a student please remember that, in short, being Gifted or Talented means having high ability, showing interest and a full commitment to developing that ability.