Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Support & Enrichment

How can I support my child?

  • Set time aside each day to talk with your child.
  • Encourage your child to sample new activities and to broaden their horizons.
  • Use the environment to provide a broad range of experiences like museums, sports centres and grounds, hikes. Try and expose them to experiences that will be completely new to them.
  • Provide resources to support learning at home like the internet, books and maps to mention a few.
  • Give your child every opportunity to make friends, including those who share the same interests.
  • Read all you can about giftedness and talent and learn about the characteristics of gifted children.
  • Encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities at school and beyond, including summer schools, outreach and distance learning activities.
  • If your child complains about being bored, or finding the work too easy, take their comments seriously and seek a solution with your child and us.
  • Seek out other families with AGT children through the us, local community or national networks.
  • Finally, make sure your child also has time to relax and play!



Within school, curriculum areas operate a number of clubs, groups and programmes that further enhance the learning of Gifted and Talented students including initiatives such as STEM club and the public speaking club. On occasion, guest speakers are invited into school to deliver talks and presentations for the benefit of Gifted and Talented students.

Students are made aware of all appropriate extra-curricular activities as and when they occur.  For more details on Gifted and Talented enrichment activities, please see the school calender.

Links between Bishop Rawstorne Academy, Further Education institutions such as Runshaw College and Higher Education institutions such as Edge Hill University are maintained in order to give Gifted and/or Talented students opportunities to further their learning and gain an insight into post-secondary education.