Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Computing / ICT Enrichment


Year 7s.  Monday lunchtimes in M7.  All Year 7s are welcome to come along and hack websites with Google X-Ray goggles.  Amaze your friends by changing the BBC News website to report on your favourite team or what you and your friends are doing.  It’s easy and fun and you get to learn about HTML coding as well.

Hack the Classroom with a Raspberry Pi


Years 8/9: Wednesdays 3.15pm-4.30pm in M7.  Come along and use a Raspberry Pi to create programs in Scratch or Python or both.  Then use our MakeyMakey circuit boards to control your program with all sorts of weird and wonderful objects that can conduct electricity.

Hack the Controlled Assessment

Year 10: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes in M7.   If you are struggling with any of the concepts you are learning for your controlled assessment, pop in and ask or practice them on your preparation projects.  Work independently, as a team or with teacher support.

Hack the Exam

Year 11: Wednesday lunchtimes in M7.   Beat the system and get ahead of the game by coming in and working on any of the revision topics we are learning in class. Get specific support or ask questions to solidify your knowledge and earn the best grades.  All welcome.