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Exam Prep & Revision


Key Stage 4 is a very challenging time, and for our students this now begins in Year 9.

At the end of Year 8 students choose their options and they then follow these courses for 3 years. We have put together a presentation that outlines key information for maths, English and science below.

Core Subject Support Information

Year Subject Support Information


As well as this we are very keen to help our young people prepare as early as possible, and as effectively as possible for the GCSEs they will sit.

We have a close relationship with the revision agency, ELEVATE, who have been into Bishop Rawstorne on 3 occasions to deliver revision sessions. The 3 sessions we have used I the past are:

Memory Mnemonics

How to overcome reliance upon rote learning

The role of attention in memory and managing distractions

Semantic learning techniques for higher-level memorisation

Study Skills

Utilising the syllabus to frame study

Structuring and reviewing organised notes

Conceptual learning to develop a deep understanding

Utilising practice exam papers

Standing out through independent learning

Ace your Exams

Highest value exam preparation tasks

Fixing mistakes to ensure constant improvement

Time allocation during exam preparation

Techniques for managing stress & time pressure in exams

For more information on this please follow the link below: 

Also, each session has a follow-up booklet – these are available here:

Memory Mnemonics Booklet

Study Skills Booklet

Ace Your Exams Booklet



As part of our arrangement with Elevate – students can also access the student portal – if you follow this link:

Click on the little “body” at the top right and login using your school email. The presenter shared a password on the day that allows access to supplementary resources – we can't share that on here obviously!

A lot of talk has been had about accessing the specifications for all your students’ exam courses. These are also available below – just open the document and click the link to go to the relevant website / exam specification.



Year 11

We run a lot of revision sessions across Year 11 – the 2020 revision programme will be published in January.

Also we suggest a lot of tips that may help our students and parents plan how to revise. These are outlined in the document – Parents revision tips.

Parents' Revision Tips


Finally please find below a digital version of the revision aid handed out to Year 11 in October 2019 – it is bespoke to Bishop Rawstorne and breaks all our subjects down in to revision friendly pieces. Hope it helps!

Revision Planner