Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Rewards & Sanctions

Rewards 2017-2018

We feel that it is vital over the course of the academic year to acknowledge students successes and achievements. We do this in a wide variety of different ways such as:

  • Certificates of achievement.
  • Achievement assemblies.
  • Rewards trips.
  • Service to the school awards.
  • Praise letters and phone calls home.
  • Rewards’ meals.
  • Head Teachers award.
  • B for Bishops awards.


Our main way of monitoring students over the year is the Points system.


All students start the year on zero. It is the expectation that students will accumulate points over the course of the year.

Students can earn or lose points. These are recorded electronically and are monitored by staff in school. Now we are using the SIMS student and parent’s app the earned and lost points will be communicated home, following the autumn ½ term on a regular basis.

We will also alert students as to when they have reached a particular award point.           


200 pts

Certificate and sweets


350 pts

Certificate, badge and sweets


500 pts

Certificate, badge and higher value sweets


650 pts

Certificate badge and voucher draw


The emphasis will then be on the student to come and collect their reward and certificate from the reward shop when they can.

Supplementary to this during the year there will be 6 rewards breakfasts that will celebrate students across the school and how they are progressing up the rewards system. On average, there will be 100 children at each of these.

To acknowledge that years 10 and 11 receive less points than other year groups there will also be bi weekly spot prizes for students that are doing well. These will go across each tutor group and will be awarded by EITHER tutors, or the Head of Year.

All students will be part of a weekly attendance lottery, 1 per year group, to acknowledge with vouchers 100% attendance. This will start following the autumn ½ term. As well as this, students with 100% attendance will be acknowledged with points ½ termly and the Tutor groups with the best attendance in each year will be rewarded ½ termly with pop and crisps.

Finally, this year our Heads of Year have instant rewards boxes, to distribute spot prizes to students as and when they need to when they are touring around lessons on a weekly basis.