This week is National Apprenticeship Week, and If you were in school a range of activities would be shared in afternoon registration with you to just make you think about the different options that may be available to you once you leave Bishop Rawstorne.

It is never to early to be thinking about the future – and whilst many parents and students understand the traditional college routes of A Levels, T Levels and BTECS, the word Apprenticeships does sometimes conjure up confusion.

In school this week and last week we have done work or are doing work on careers in our year group teams, but to help you go a bit deeper and look specifically at the world of Apprenticeships have a look at the links provided here. You or your young person may find these resources handy and informative, and hopefully they will open your eyes to a career route that may be appealing and is certainly different to the more usual college direction.


Listen and watch our 2021 Assembly presentation from Paige Birtwistle, our partner at Ask Apprenticeships as she talks you through what an apprenticeship actually is and how you may be able to apply. Follow the link here to the presentation or see below, however please note the audio does not work via the flipbook below.


A selection of Apprenticeship Quizzes are available at the webpage below. These are great as they make it very help you to understand what apprenticeships are and how they operate. They also show you the wide variety of Apprenticeships that are available.

 Let’s get quizical


If you now feel that you want to look at some specific apprenticeships . Watch the video below and see a whole alphabet of Apprenticeship Options

Apprenticeships for every letter of the alphabet


Normally we would promote different Apprnticeships to you in school by popping up posters in your classrooms – this year we cant really do it that way. If you have a passion for a certain subject follow the link here to see what Apprenticeships you could use that subject for

Subject Specific Apprenticeships


If you are keen to apply for an Apprenticeship then these 3 links will help you.

Firstly this is the UCAS website for Apprenticeships. It has a lot of information on it – and lots of different sections that explain how Apprenticships work, how much money you can earn, how to apply, where they are available etc…

UCAS Apprenticeship Page

This page is the Government webpage that helps you find apprenticeships in the local area. Its not exciting to look at but its really good at finding your local opportunities.

And finally – have look at 2 of our local colleges, Runshaw and Wigan and Leigh, and how they work on apprenticeships

Runshaw College Apprenticeship page

Wigan and Leigh College Apprenticeship page