National Careers Week

This week is National Careers Week across the UK, and in these slightly different times it is vitally important that students in all year groups are beginning to consider, or properly consolidating their plans for the future.

Bishop Rawstorne feels that it is crucial for all our students to strive to achieve what they want in life. The qualifications that they will earn during their time here provide them with the building blocks for the next step. What that next step is, for many, will be a mystery.

Kudos Careers Software

To aid them with discovering the steps that lie ahead, prior to half term all students were made aware of the Kudos software that we now use in school Kudos is a careers website that opens up young people’s eyes to the multitude of opportunities available in their local area. What students often find astounding is the wide variety of jobs available to them, careers that often the adults in the room have also never really heard of. The website also allows comparison in job opportunities and pay across the different sectors – which can also be quite powerful for some.

All Students have had the opportunity to access this software in the Careers sessions run prior to February half term, however if they have yet to sign up the website is KUDOS SOFTWARE

Students log in with their school email address and the password is set to Bishop01. The videos here show students how to use this facility further.

How to use Kudos

Looking around Kudos

As with National Apprenticeship Week I would like to provide a selection of resources that could be used daily during Careers Week to stimulate discussion between yourselves at home.


From the start of the week (Monday 1st March) the National Careers Week Website is running a virtual careers fair with 100s of different jobs represented over 5 different virtual floors. Follow this web link from the 1st March onwards to explore and discover many of the different careers out there

Careers Fair


Parents can find it very hard talking to their children about the world of careers, especially as things are so rapidly changing. Please find below a PDF guide that may help you with those discussions and help young people also become more aware of the rich variety of choices available on the road ahead.

Parents Guide to National Careers Week 


Whether you have an interest in Banking the NHS, the Armed Services, careers in STEM subjects (Science Tech, Engineering and Maths) or even racing, this webpage provides you with links to a variety of different careers routes and videos about them

Careers Videos


Are you stressing about how to write a CV, about what different skills you may need to include when you discuss yourself at interview. The link here takes you to a superb webpage that talks you through interview technique and how to write a great CV. Also, once you’ve had a look at this page, take time to explore the whole website as it talks you through the world of work in a lot of detail

CVs and Interview Prep


If you are keen to dig in to the real-world opportunities that are available in your area (lancashire) at present and find jobs that are of interest to your particular skills and abilities head to Start.

This webpage talks you through all the most up to date Labour Market information for the region

 Lancashire Labour Market Information

And this page allows you to look at what may be available for you to do in the local area based on what you are interested in.

Jobs in our area