Information for Students Choosing Their Key Stage 4 Options

This section of our website is intended to help parents and students plan for the next three years of schooling. Key Stage 4 (KS4) courses at Bishop Rawstorne are 3 years in length beginning in Year 9 so students choose their options in Year 8. This will ensure that each student is following an appropriate quantity and range of subjects in Years 9, 10 and 11.


The KS4 Options Booklet

We have put together this KS4 Options Booklet which will help guide you through the process and this, along with the email you will have received regarding your pathway, should answer any initial questions you may have.

The KS4 Options Booklet explains:

  • the timeline of events that we have put together when choosing options.
  • the different curriculum pathways our students will follow in order to meet their individual needs.
  • some tips on how to choose the right course.
  • what the KS4 timetable looks like.
  • the core curriculum that all students will follow.
  • information on the various optional courses that students can choose to study and how they are organised and assessed.
  • who you can speak to if you need any further information.

Please click on the image to view the booklet, or if you would prefer a downloadable version of this booklet which you can print please click here.


Further Guidance and Information

In order to support students in making informed decisions we will be holding a number of events which provide opportunities for students and parents to gain a greater understanding of the process and what is on offer.

We will be supporting students in school by providing them with opportunities to hear from Curriculum leaders about the different option choices that they are interested in.

We will be offering parents a chance to find out more information and to ask questions at our Options Information Evening on Thursday 28 April 2022 and our Parents Evening on Thursday 5th May 2022 - further details about these events will be sent in due course.

The deadline for submitting options forms will be on Monday 23 May 2022.

Please contact the subject Curriculum Leader if you have any specific subject questions after these meetings, or for more general queries regarding options please contact Mrs Anglim (Head of Year 8) or Mr Wood (Assistant Headteacher, Data and Timetabling).

You can also contact the school office at who can forward your email onto the most appropriate person.


Please see the link for a short video regarding the new Design and Technology (Product Design) GCSE available as an option choice to Year 8’s, starting August 2022.


Year 8 GCSE Options