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Lancashire School Games Challenges

5 Challenge Timetable
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Long pass challenge
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Netball challenge
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Netball challenge 2
Updated: 04/03/2021 527 KB
Rugby Challenge
Updated: 04/03/2021 587 KB
Rugby challenge 2
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Rugby challenge 3
Updated: 04/03/2021 609 KB
Rugby challenge 4
Updated: 04/03/2021 611 KB
Secondary Page KS3 - KS4
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Shoot out challenge netball
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Love to Ride Lancashire invites you to -

Get healthier, happier,  wealthier and greener – Join us and ride this pandemic out!

The days are getting longer and the temperature is gradually rising...must be time to go for a bike ride! Riding a bike can make you happier and healthier and it makes our communities cleaner, greener and more liveable…it’s also really good fun. This March we’re inviting everyone to sign up for Ride it Out – a month of reasons to get back in the saddle! Or even for the first time. We’ll have a different theme each week.

Ride HEALTHY – ride your bike to sleep better, live longer and smile wider

Ride RELAXED – it’s not all about how fast or how far, shift down a gear and enjoy your ride

Ride GREEN – ditch the car and try one of your regular journeys by bike

Ride FREE – big or small, this week is all about adventure and going somewhere new to you by bike

There will be some great prizes on offer as well.

It only takes 30 seconds to register at: