At the back of school we have a overgrown garden area which we are aiming to develop into a peaceful environment for all students and staff to enjoy as well as the wider local community. There are fruit trees and growing areas which we are aiming to revamp and The Garden Gang (a group of like minded, 'green fingered' staff) are already on it. Before Christmas we were lucky enough secure a grant from the Peter Lathan Foundation and this has been used to put up a back fence to start making the area more attractive and enclosed. Ex- student Alistair Wade ( gave a day of his time to erect this fence and we are most grateful to him for his generosity! The next stage is to start clearing the site with a view to laying a weed resistant membrane and then gravel. We will then use raised beds to grow plant and vegetables and also create a seating area for use by students and staff. 

This will need more funding and Mrs Duckworth's Charity Minions have been tasked with helping to raise vital funds!

If you have any skills in this area or can help in any way please contact Mrs Duckworth at school.