Catering Facilities at Bishop Rawstorne

Our dining facilities at Bishop Rawstorne is called Beaumont's Cafe and the catering is run by Mellors Catering Services. Students are able to purchase a snack or drink from the restaurant or bring packed lunches.


Opening Hours:
Breakfast - 8.30-8.50am
Breaktime - 11.00-11.15am
Lunchtime - 1.15-1.45pm
Finish - 1.45pm


Students can either bring money into school to add to their account in Beaumont's Cafe or their accounts can be credited using iPayimpact. The benefits of using iPayment is that regular payments can be made without needing to log in by using Auto Pay and parents can view students' purchase history. Students can spend up to a maximum of £6.50 per day if they intend to purchase food at break and lunch time.


Current Menus

Below are the current menus for the spring term. The menus run on a 2 week rota.

Week 1 - Spring Term 2023-2024

Week 2 - Spring Term 2023-2024


Food Allergies and Intolerances

We cater for students who have an allergy or intolerance and are happy to meet to discuss what you would like to eat off the menu and whether it is
suitable. If not, we will do what we can to adapt the recipe or find a suitable alternative, please order these in advance. Please bring a medical note
from your doctor or dietician so we can register you and understand your needs.


Theme Days

During the term we run different themed days which will be advertised to students with posters. The 2023/2024 calendar for these is below:

Theme Day Calendar 2023/2024

Free School Meals

For information on Free School Meals for 2023/2024 please contact Lancashire County Council on 01772 531809.