Our Christian School as a clear vision:

Bishop Rawstorne is a Christian community that delights in seeking wisdom and knowledge, building relationships and character based upon the Word of God, enabling us all to flourish bravely and faithfully.

This based on our foundational biblical verse from the books of James:

“But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.” James 3:17

As a Church of England Academy, Bishop Rawstorne holds Christian worship at the core of our everyday life.  Our Christian Distinctiveness is directed by our Collective Worship but it runs much deeper than that. We care about human flourishing.  Whilst we recognise the diverse backgrounds each member of the Bishop Rawstorne community has, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere in which everyone can experience life in all its fullness.


Values & Ethos

Bishop Rawstorne Academy has a deeply Christian history and tradition. Described as “an exceptionally caring…a place where students are confident, keen to learn and take on challenges. A school with excellent spiritual and moral development…based upon the teachings of Christ.” (SIAS Report 2007).

In our SIAMS inspection (“017-18) we have been described in as:

  • Each member of the academy community, adult and student, is valued and enabled to flourish as a child of God.
  • Pastoral care is exemplary and demonstrates how the academy lives out its deeply held Christian values. Leaders and all staff provide excellent role models of hope and compassion; they genuinely care for each individual student and their families.
  • Students are supported to believe in themselves, each other and their teachers, so that they have a secure sense of self-worth and develop skills for their future life and learning.
  • Spiritual development is enhanced by the richly creative curriculum and extra-curricular provision.
  • Through worship and links with local clergy, students and staff are taken to the threshold of faith and enabled to reflect positively on their own views and beliefs.



 The Roots

In our school we promote the presence of authentic Christian values as a narrative for being/behaving that stem from and express the teachings of Christ. For this reason, we know it is essential to equip our students with Christian values that serve as deep roots in their lives.

These values take students beyond just caring and sharing. The character that we endeavour to nurture is the root, the support system for the entirety of life.

Each of these roots symbolise our core values: Peace, Justice, Trust, Radical Relationships (Koinonia), Love, Patience, Service, Honesty, Hope, Courage, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Respect and Compassion. We have chosen six for main focus: Hope, Service, Compassion, Fellowship, Wisdom and Peace.

Each week we investigate new themes and values in a relevant and relatable way through Collective Worship and tutor groups. This allows time for both staff and students to reflect and think. We welcome the various clergy from our local area as well as further afield to share their wisdom and gifts with us.


Year Group Worship

These are times that traditionally we called Assemblies. They still contain notices and give the Heads of Year the opportunity to speak to year groups. But the key feature of these times is worship. They begin with a candle being lit, and then a Clergy Chaplain, a member of staff, a tutor group or a visitor delivers a time of thought, reflection, and prayer to engage students in exploring the theme for that week.


Worship Services

These take place several times during the year. They are times to celebrate Key School events and Christian Festivals. These are Christian in nature and content, and aim to meet each student where they are on their walk of faith. Celebrating together is a foundation feature of our school and brings us together as a community to worship God.


The Chaplaincy Team

This is a group of people including led by Mr. Ascroft the school worship Lead. It includes a Youth Worker, the Clergy Chaplains, Diocesan Board of Education Advisers, members of SLT and the governing body. They work to plan and deliver worship in the school. They also work to better to support students in their exploration of the Christian Faith.


The Clergy Chaplains and Support Workers:

Reverend Michael Woods
Michael is the Rector serving the communities in Croston, Mawdesley and Bretherton.


Father Marc Wolverson       
Marc is the Vicar at St. James in Leyland and Area Dean.


Father Andrew Brown
Andrew is the Priest-in-charge at St. Mary the Virgin in Eccleston, and Christ Church in Charnock Richard.


Steve Lamin

Steve is one of the associate pastors at Hesketh Bank Christian centre.


Reverend Sue Guénault

Sue is our local Methodist priest and part of the Lancashire West Methodist Circuit


Alex Woodfield

Alex is the youth worker at Hesketh Bank Christian Centre and local You for Christ worker. He runs the school's weekly Christian union 'The Hub'.



Various clubs and groups will be running throughout the year these include: Christian Union “The Hub” run by a local Youth Worker, pastoral drop-in times. We have a Worship band that leads worship and Upper & Lower school choirs. More information can be found in school.



The Academy Prayer

Heavenly Father, in Your love

You have called us to know You;

Led us to trust You;

And bound our lives with Yours.

Surround us with Your love

And Protect us from evil

That we may bravely and faithfully follow You,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.