Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy





Mrs Lane

Assistant Headteacher Pastoral and Head of English

Welcome to all of our new Year 7s. My name is Mrs Lane, and I am the Assistant Headteacher for Pastoral and Head of English. These roles mean that I work with the Heads of Years in supporting your well-being in school and also work closely with our English team.

I have worked at Bishop Rawstorne for nearly twenty-three years and love teaching English here. Naturally, I have a passion for reading and think there’s nothing better than getting stuck into a good book. Apart from that, I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and I also try to keep fit by running… slowly… but I get there eventually.

If you ever need me, you can probably find me over in the English block or my office in the science block.



Mr Sixsmith

Head of Year 7 and Teacher of Geography

I have really enjoyed working at Bishop Rawstorne for seven years. As well as being the new head of year seven, I also teach geography.

Outside of school, I love football and have a season ticket at Everton. In school, I am responsible for looking after every year seven student’s academic progress, well being and behaviour. I am keen to make sure that all of my new year sevens enjoy life in Bishop Rawstorne and have loads of opportunities and support to achieve their full potential.

You will see me every morning and lots of the time around school; if you ever need to find me, my classroom is A4. I am really looking forward to working with my new year group and know we will be the best year group in the school!




Mrs McShane

Teacher of Science and Year 7 Form Tutor

Hello 7H!  I’m one of the science teachers here at Bishops, and I will be sharing your tutor group with the lovely Miss Beesley.

LIKES:  Hanging out with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, eating cake (and anything sweet for that matter) and following my Champions League winning football team.

DISLIKES:  Smelly cheese, pâté, getting up early and Man Utd.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you all and helping you settle into life at Bishop Rawstorne. You will love it here at Bishops and, despite what other tutors claim, 7H will be the best by far!  See you soon!




Mr Needham

Lead Teacher of Physics and Year 7 Form Tutor

I have been at Bishop Rawstorne for a very long time, so long, in fact, I can't really remember when I started!

I am the lead teacher of physics and an avid Manchester United fan.

I've been known to be a tiny bit sarcastic, and I particularly like students who learn from their mistakes and have a high level of independence… and of course a passion for physics and science in general! I'm really looking forward to meeting my new tutor group; I'm sure they will be the best tutor group in the school!




Mrs Regan

Second in English and Year 7 form tutor

I have been an English teacher and a form tutor at Bishop Rawstorne for nearly twenty years, and I am really looking forward to having a new Year 7 tutor group. I can usually be found upstairs, in E7, in the English block or the English office.

I love reading all sorts of teenage fiction from Anne of Green Gables to Harry Potter and also like the Alex Ryder books and football books by Tom Palmer (who by the way, will be visiting Year 7 in school this November).

Apart from reading, I love walking in the countryside and enjoying time with family and friends.




Miss Speakman

Teacher of RE and history and Year 7 Form Tutor

Hello 7M, I am Miss Speakman, and I teach History and RE at Bishops. My history heroine is Bess of Hardwick – the most powerful woman in England after the queen during the reign of Elizabeth I.

I am very much looking forward to meeting my new tutor group and helping you settle into your new school. Your tutor group will be your Bishops ‘family’ for the next five years, and I cannot wait to meet you all and see you grow up into remarkable young adults! I’m also looking forward to you meeting our tutor mascot – an inflatable cactus – and will need volunteers to help me look after him and keep him inflated! I want to reassure my new tutor group that at Bishops in general and in 7M specifically they will always have somebody to talk to, and if they ever need help or guidance, I can usually be found in my classroom or the Humanities Office.



Miss Robinson

Head of Year 7 and Teacher of Geography

Hi, my name is Miss Robinson, and I am the Lead Teacher of RE and PSHE.

I enjoy spending time with my little girl, watching the soaps and walking my dog. I am looking forward to meeting my Year 7 form next year and getting to know them all. I am sure we will have an enjoyable, inspiring and successful five years together at Bishop Rawstorne Academy; it’s a fantastic place to learn and grow.

There are lots of opportunities for extra-curricular activities and trips, and you will never be without a listening ear, a friendly face and words of guidance when needed.

I am very competitive, and I hope that my form will be too, so that we can win the House Points’ Competition and Sports’ Day!




Miss Abbott

Head of Year 7 and Teacher of Geography

I have been at Bishop Rawstorne for many years, and am an experienced art teacher, but also love teaching textiles.

My classroom is in a great position in the technology block and is full of great displays and plenty of colour – there is always something to catch your eye.

Outside school, I have three little cats which keep me busy, and I love gardening and researching my family tree. If I could have taught another subject, it would have been history.

I am looking forward to meeting my new 7C form in September and taking you forward as you start in your new school.


Miss Beesley

Teacher of Science and Year 7 Form Tutor

I have been coming and going as a science teacher at Bishop Rawstorne for over fifteen years. It has come to feel like home and I am hoping you will all quickly feel at home too.

I am often accused of being a Manchester United fan (and I probably have little defence for this), but because I live in a house full of Liverpool fans, I often find myself doing strange things, like waiting five hours to see some chap called Mo sitting on a bus holding a cup! I am a Christian, enjoy going to gigs, watching contemporary theatre, cycling and walking. I love teaching science and my present year sevens would like you to know that they believe I am quite quirky…. and apparently I say everything using my hands! I celebrate individuality and am really looking forward to meeting 7H, having fun and growing as a family.