Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

Bishop Rawstorne Alumni

Are you an ex-student of Bishop Rawstorne?

Did you leave OVER 3 years ago?

Would you like to be added to our Alumni network?


If the answer to these three questions is yes then please take the time to follow one of the links below and upload your details to our network.


Bishop Rawstorne is keen to develop an Alumni base that we can use to support our current students. This would be through Aspirational talks, mentoring programmes in and out of school, and perhaps even careers guidance.  To build something like this takes a lot of time and all students that replied to the initial post on social media should have received an email of response by now.


Please take 10 minutes out of your day to help us lay some solid foundations that this network can grow upon.


Survey without the option to upload photos:


Survey with the option to upload photos: (requires a free Google / Gmail account)


Mr Anthony Duckworth

Assistant Headteacher