Curriculum Leader: Miss R Bridges
Teachers: Mr S Edwards
  Miss K Huyton
  Mr D Smart
  Mr M Williams

Curriculum Intent

The physical education curriculum area’s vision is to engage young people in physical activity to support both physical and mental health and ensure a long term interest participating in sport. We wish to create an engaging, fun and exciting learning environment where the teaching is both challenging, progressive and supportive. Pupils develop key physical attributes, emotional resilience and a number of key social skills by working cooperatively and confidentially in teams. All pupils are expected to work to the very best of their ability at all times. We only offer the highest standards including quality resources, facilities and a safe, comfortable environment.


The physical education department aims to educate our pupils to demonstrate good sportsmanship, fair play and etiquette at all times and perhaps inspire some pupils to follow careers in physical and mental health. We hope to motivate pupils to consider the social, cultural and moral issues related to physical education. We aim to teach them to use core and advanced physical knowledge and skills with confidence and accuracy and to enhance their education with an array of enrichment opportunities.


Curriculum Implementation

Our physical education curriculum area incorporates 5 teaching staff and a variety of facilities including a large 4 badminton court sports hall, a 3G AstroTurf, a gymnasium, multi-purpose netball and tennis courts, a cricket wicket and large playing fields with 4 football pitches.


KS3 Physical Education

We deliver a 2-year Key Stage 3 programme of study, incorporating fully the National Curriculum. Pupils experience a wide and broad curriculum that evolves to ensure pupils enjoy physical activity and support mental health. Pupils finish KS3 at the end of Y8 with a solid foundation of the knowledge and skills in a variety of activities and positive experience of physical education.   


Pupils in Y7 & Y8 will have one physical education teacher (on occasions two) for two lessons a week.  Pupils experience two sporting activities a week over a block of work (half term) and are assessed at the end of each block. 


In Physical Education pupils are assessed each half term through their cognitive knowledge acquired, physical skills developed and a theory based on-line multiple choice quiz. 


KS4 Physical Education

Physical education is an academic subject and pupils can decide to take the OCR GCSE physical education at KS4.

In year 9 pupils will start a generic physical education course developing key skills and knowledge that they require for KS4 physical education study. At the end of Year 9, pupils will be placed on one of the two available routes to ensure the greatest success for the individual pupil.

For more details on each of the GCSEs we offer including specification (knowledge and skills needed) and final assessment details, please use the links below.


  • GCSE Physical Education

Our highly qualified team aim to provide pupils with the best possible opportunity for success.


Programmes of Study: PE GCSE


Curriculum Impact

The Physical education curriculum area has a food academic track record. In 2018, 68% of all pupils achieved a Level 4 or above (44). The number of pupils going on to study the Physical educations post-16 is above the national average. Regular learning walks, work scrutinise, pupil voice surveys and links with other schools provide on-going evidence of the quality of teaching and learning and inform further development of the curriculum implementation and curriculum area provision. 



All pupils at both key stages have regular assessments of their knowledge and skills as indicated in the curriculum plans above. This information is used to inform planning and intervention where necessary. All assessed work is stored in assessment folders within the department. It is the physical education curriculum area policy to provide written feedback to pupils on their knowledge assessments and practical skills however classwork and homework will not routinely be teacher assessed. 


Pupils will be given a varied diet of physical education homework tasks dependent on their year group. Examples of physical education homework may include questions to support classwork, past examination questions, spellings, revision, research or an extension piece of literacy/maths/creative work. Pupils will regularly be set physical education homework to complete online at Homework will usually be peer or self-assessed in class. Pupils will receive verbal feedback on their homework where appropriate. If pupils are not meeting specific targets, then additional support and parental engagement will be used to provide pupils with a “can-do mentality” to develop a growth mindset and in turn to help raise attainment.



In physical education, we like to give pupils the opportunity to take physical education away from the classroom, through various trips, clubs and activities. We do this to provide the pupils with unique opportunities to see different aspects of physical education, that would not be covered or seen in a standard teaching classroom. These activities are designed to enrich and enhance pupils' understanding and participation in physical education.



The department offers a wide variety of clubs including These clubs are open to all pupils at and pupils are actively encouraged to attend:


  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cricket
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Rounders
  • Rugby League
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

The department also provides:


  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Award
  • Sports Leadership Award
  • Leadership Academy

Duke of Edinburgh Information 2019-2020


The department is also part of The Chorley Schools Sports Partnership which provides competitions locally and nationally. Details are found below.


The department currently holds Sports Games Gold.


The Ski Trip: For Year 8 & 9

Pupils spend an entire week in the French/Italian Alps developing their skiing skills and knowledge. This oversubscribed activity provides further sporting opportunities whilst developing pupils’ social, moral and cultural aspects.


French residential: for Year 7

Pupils spend a week in France experiencing a wide variety of activities including town trails, orienteering, kayaking and paddleboarding. Pupils also have the opportunity to develop their linguistic skills. The week ends with a visit to Paris and Euro Disneyland.


The Football Trip: for Year 8, 9 &10

Pupils spend 6 nights in Southern Europe experiencing the life of a professional sports performer. The trip includes training sessions at a top European club, stadium tours, fitness classes, yoga, dietary sessions to maximise performance, and media style interviews. This trip occurs every two years.


Other excursions include trips to Rugby League matches, PGL weekends, The FA’s St George Park, Badminton World Championships, BBC Media Centre and many more….



Physical education support is available before school, break-time and lunch-time clubs include badminton, table tennis, basketball, handball, fitness, netball and cricket:


Drop-in – the timetable is available here and on the sports hall noticeboard

Every day.

Run by Physical education teachers.

Revision classes


GCSE revision classes will start after October half term. Details will be given to pupils and published on the school website.

Available for all pupils

Lunchtime Monday and 1-2-1 Friday

GCSE Practical sessions and fixtures begin in September

After school 3.30-4.30pm

Pupils may be specifically requested to attend revision classes and GCSE practical sessions if the classroom teacher feels extra intervention is needed.

Parents will be informed by letter, SIMS or telephone if this is the case.


Online revision - specific videos, quizzes, exams and checkpoints. - revision material and exam-style questions - examination technique and revision material (Coming soon)

All members of the Physical education department are happy to support their pupils and will offer their time to pupils at lunchtime and breaks by arrangement. If you require additional information, please feel free to contact Mr D Smart on Tel: 01772 600 349.