School Vision

Bishop Rawstorne is a Christian community that delights in seeking wisdom and knowledge, building relationships and character based upon the Word of God, enabling us all to flourish bravely and faithfully.


Our Ambition

Our inclusive curriculum ensures academic success, character development and enjoyable enrichment experiences to support every learner to grow into confident, resilient and responsible citizens of the future. God is at the heart of all we do, with Christian values underpinning our focus on the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of our young people and the promotion of fundamental British Values.

Our two-year Key Stage 3 provides a thorough foundation in all subjects, to allow students to make informed choices when they opt to take their GCSEs. Across our curriculum, each year is designed as a pathway to the next with the curriculum focussing upon core and subject content knowledge and skills. This approach supports our student's knowledge retention and recall and builds subject fluency to deepen their learning. We robustly plan progressive delivery to secure our students learning and academic achievement, based on their needs on transition from primary and the preparation for further study or employment after school. We clearly map our expectation of the rich, knowledge, skills and understanding demanded by each subject. Recognising the needs of our learners dictates our bespoke curriculum model, designed to offer some flexibility, whilst taking into consideration local context and parent and student voice.

Our ambitious curriculum meets the demands of the National Curriculum and is broad, balanced and challenging. The EBacc plays a strong role and is encouraged as a pathway for all. Importantly, creative subjects, such as music, art, and drama are also recognised for the important part they play in developing the ‘whole child’ by nurturing talents, celebrating uniqueness and valuing every learner.