Planning for Your Exams

Here you can find exam and revision timetables as well as study skills and revision resources to help support you in your exams. 


Exam Timetables

Below are the Year 10 and Year 11 exam timetables for Summer 2024:

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Exam results are due on Thursday 22 August.


Revision Timetable

Below is the Year 11 revision timetable for Summer 2024:

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How to Create a Revision Timetable

Below is our revision aid showing you how to break down your subjects into revision friendly pieces to create a revision timetable:

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Subject Specific Revision Help

Below is a document containing a selection of ideas, resources and websites for each subject that you can use to help you in your revision:

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Revision Support from Elevate Education

Below you can find revision and study skills support from Elevate Education:

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Revision Skills PowerPoints


Specifications and Exam Specific Revision Aids

You can access the specifications for your exam courses here – just open the document and click the link to go to the relevant website / exam specification.

Some subjects have also produced revision aids to help students chunk their revision - making the quite daunting task of revising a little bit more manageable. These are available for downloading below:


Further Resources and Information

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Useful Websites

Coping with Exam Pressure - A Guide for Students 

Ofqual Student Guide 2024

JCQ Information for Candidates documents