Geography Revision Support


You will sit three papers in the summer:

Paper 1: The Physical Environment

•    The Changing Landscape of the UK
•    Coastal Landscapes and Processes
•    Glaciated Upland Landscapes and Process
•    Weather Hazards and Climate Change
•    Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Management

Paper 2: The Human Environment

•    Changing Cities
•    Global Development
•    Resource Management
•    Energy Resource Management

Paper 3: Geographical Investigations; Fieldwork and UK Challenges

•    Coasts Fieldwork
•    Cities Fieldwork
•    UK Challenges

To help support your revision we have created a revision site on SharePoint/Teams. This is where you will find:
•    Recorded guided revision sessions
•    Specification checklists
•    Case study knowledge organisers
•    Additional tasks

You can find a link to this in your class Team or by scanning this QR code:

Just as with in person revision sessions you will get as much out of this as you put in.

Although we will not be offering after-school revision sessions we will still make ourselves available for 1:1 sessions with you.

You should have attempted some revision by yourself and ask for support in those areas you feel unsure about.