Study Skills Support from Elevate Education. 

Memory Mnemonics -  Memory Mnemonics Booklet

How to overcome reliance upon rote learning

The role of attention in memory and managing distractions

Semantic learning techniques for higher-level memorisation

Study Skills -  Study Skills Booklet

Utilising the syllabus to frame study

Structuring and reviewing organised notes

Conceptual learning to develop a deep understanding

Utilising practice exam papers

Standing out through independent learning

Ace your Exams -  Ace Your Exams Booklet

Highest value exam preparation tasks

Fixing mistakes to ensure constant improvement

Time allocation during exam preparation

Techniques for managing stress & time pressure in exams

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Click on the little “body” at the top right and login using your school email. The presenter shared a password on the day that allows access to supplementary resources – we can't share that on here obviously!

Revision Skills PowerPoints


Additional tips that may help our students and parents plan how to revise.