Award winning children’s and young adult author, Bali Rai joined us in March to celebrate World Book Day. He passionately talked to Year 7, 8 and 9 about what inspires him and how he became a successful writer. Students also had the opportunity to ask him questions and to buy a selection of his books. A group of Year 9 students took part in a creative writing session with Bali too.

Year 7 were particularly interested in meeting Bali as they had been gifted his book from the ‘Voices’ series, ‘Now Or Never: A Dunkirk Story’ last Summer. As part of their transition into Bishops, they produced some excellent cross curricular activities based on the story. Bali was delighted to see the work the Year 7 students had done.

Year 7 World Book Day celebrations didn’t end with Bali Rai. The students spent the whole day immersed in fun and interactive book-based activities: redesigning a book cover for their favourite book, testing their book knowledge with a challenging book quiz and reading a book written in German. They now have an exciting opportunity to enter competition to design a new book cover as homework to hand in to their English teachers.

World Book Day is a great excuse to celebrate the importance of reading. Reading is a gateway to the world of knowledge and imagination. With this in mind, there are many more book focused celebrations planned for this year, so watch this space!